eZ-Inkjet® is a fast, field serviceable, native 600 dpi printer that integrates easily (“eZily”) with the most commonly used industrial controller in the world – Graph-Tech’s GT Controller with over 3,000 installations worldwide. eZ-Inkjet® is capable of running a wide variety of different types of inks on a many different substrates, making it not only easy-to-operate and maintain but also one of the most versatile inkjets available anywhere.

eZ-Inkjet prints at high resolution – 600×600 dpi native on plastic cards, paper, labels, lottery tickets, forms/checks.


High Quality @ High Speed

  • 600×600 DPI native resolution — Print as small as 2 point fonts and small bar codes
  • Supports Water, Oil, Solvent, and UV-based inks to suit your application
  • Environmentally friendly water-based and UV inks
  • Speeds up to 375 fpm at 600 dpi (7 pL), 750 fpm at 300 dpi

Easy-to-Handle / Lower Cost of Ownership

  • Easy and quick start up procedure
  • Print-heads easily replaced in the field. Means more up time
  • Connects seamlessly to GT controller
  • No click charges or other hidden fees

eZ-Inkjet vs. GT-JET 64

  • 1 jetting vs. 6 jettings: lower cost heads and field replaceable
  • Field tests show that 30 to 40% less ink is used as compared to a GT-JET 64 Printer
  • 600 dpi vs. 316 dpi native resolution
  • 2.13” (54 MM) vs 2.3’ (64 mm) upgradable to 4.25” (108 mm)
  • 45 KHz vs. 20 KHz piezo
  • UV, Solvent, Water, and Oil-based inks vs. only UV and Solvent-based inks
  • Less ink requires less curing power than printing on GT-JET printers


  • Integrates “eZily” into existing platforms to print text, bar codes and logos in the mailing, packaging, and card industries as well as on webs at higher speeds with more reliability.
  • Great for Any Digital Serialization, Personalization, Decorating, and Marking application.
High Def Industrial Inkjet

Technical Data

  • Horizontal resolution flexible: 300 to 1200 DPI
  • Vertical resolution: 600 DPI
  • Selectable Monochrome Drop Sizes, 7, 16, 26 pl
  • Print width 54 mm(2.13”) standard, 108 mm (4.25”) upgradable option
  • Hard Stainless Steel Inkjet Head
  • Ink supply: 1 Liter
  • Ink types: UV-Curable, Oil, Solvent,or Water-based
  • Data source: GT Controller
  • Linear speed: 600 dpi 375 fpm (114 m/min) with 7 pL
  • Linear speed: 300 dpi 750 fpm (229 m/min) with 16 pL
  • Umbilical length: 3 meters

eZ-Inkjet Datasheet