GTUS® is now offering eZ-Mag®, a new innovative magnetic encoding system that offers many new capabilities such as reverse, compressed, and multi-segmented encoding. Plus, eZ-Mag® easily integrates with most Card Perso Systems that are using a GT Controller.

eZ-Mag® is designed with completely new electronics as well as new eZ-Mag® software, plus magnetic mounts that support two or three track read/write heads.

eZ-Mag®’s new magnetic encoding capabilities support standard ISO-7811-2 / 7811-6 encoding and include: reverse, compressed, and multi-segmented encoding, as well as variable current control, and bit density control.

Options for:

  • Multi-Segmented Encoding
  • AMVA Format
  • JIS Type II Format
  • Dual Stripe
  • Full Length Card Check – A GTUS Exclusive!.

Full length card check – Traditionally, magnetic readers stop reading once a message is validated. In the world of high speed personalization this can still cause problems in the field even though it was validated when it was encoded. If trailing clocking bit are in specification, or there is missing magnetic data, reverse reading in the field can fail if the trailing bits are not in specification. This exclusive GTUS® feature checks the quality of the entire magnetic stripe, not just the message.

Now with:

  • Easier-to-use and align with all new magnetic tooling hardware.
  • Designed to keep the heads aligned properly on the base even when operators make production adjustments

eZ-Mag® Includes

  • Software controls done quickly and easily right within your current GTUS® Editor GT software.
  • New Electronics and Software are backward compatible with existing magnetic heads, mounts and cabling.
  • GTUS® eZ-Mag® Software integrates with existing GTUS® Controller Software. Software Controls: HI-CO and LO-CO selection, Current Adjustment, Forward or Reverse Encoding, Adjustable Start Sentinel Positioning, Bit Density Control, and Multi-Segment Encoding.