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Go contactless with EMV-Runner. Introducing an open contactless RFID/NFC encoding system that is customizable and speedy with our eZ-id System.

Complete Open RFID Solutions!

Powered by our reliable and customizable GTUS® System Controller/SuperTracker with thousands of installations worldwide.


  • Our patent pending process with eZ-id system is based on a new RF-enabled transport – EMV-Runner.
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A. using high quality components to insure durability and long life.
  • RFID friendly Vacuum Transport System offered in various lengths.
  • Extremely easy to set up with the ability to feed and transport different size products.
  • Integrated GTUS® Industrial SuperTracker Controller with support for many different printers including GTUS® latest printer – eZ-Inkjet® and powerful product tracking and reporting as well as many other unique custom features are available.
  • Advanced LED curing system with new reliable and energy efficient LED lamps that support a number of sizes and up to 16 watts per square centimeter of curing power.
  • State-of-the-art camera and barcode grading for fast and reliable spot on verification is available
  • Solidly built high-performance transport specifically designed to transport RFID based products with enhanced vacuum, and servo-driven consistency.
  • Programs FAST – 5 to 20 cards in parallel.
  • Open RFID Encoding Supporting ISO/IEC 14443 / NFC / MIFARE Dual Interface EMV Cards
  • Contactless RFID Encoding – Transportation, Financial, ID, and Commercial Cards
  • Custom software for unique and changing applications.
  • PCI Compliant EMV Server Option.
  • Parts, consumables, support. and training are all handled directly by GTUS®.
  • Standard and custom inks in all colors including clear, fluorescent for both UV and LED curing.
  • Support for many printers including GTUS®, Marcador, eZ-Inkjet®, GT-JET printers, Domino Bitjets, Videojet printers and many more.

EMV-Runner – Datasheet