Introducing an Open Contactless RFID Encoding System that is customizable and speedy with eZid encoding!!

EMVRunner – Open RFID Encoding System

RoadRunner Series

RoadRunner Series

Is your CPST MJ or Versa system wearing out? Now is the time to increase your productivity and improve your bottom line with a new RoadRunner Series One-Pass Card Perso and Carrier Affixing System including our TotalMag!

Innovative Technology for the 21st Century

High Def Industrial Inkjet


High Definition 600dpi

eZ-Inkjet printer offers higher resolution, higher speed and ease-of-use and it is a logical replacement for our workhorse GT-JET series printers.

eZ-Inkjet Makes Printing Easy!

GTUS Premium Inks

GTUS stocks premium quality inks to keep your GT Printer running optimally and with superior adhesion and quality. Inks offered include UV, UV-LED, Solvent as well as Water-based inks for Spectra, Kyocera, Konica, and Ricoh Drop-On-Demand printers.

Premium Digital Printing Inks!

TotalMag and eZ-Inkejet


Maximum flexibility to add fast and accurate magnetic encoding to existing systems.  Integrates seamlessly with GTUS’ RoadRunner Series!

Magnetic Encoding – Top or Bottom


Print & Affixing

TotalMag adapted to Print as well as Affix Cards or Carriers in a single pass.  Engineered to seamlessly integrate with existing transports or on our RoadRunner Series Systems!

Magnetic Encoding – Top or Bottom

Marcador Printers

Print everything and everywhere with Marcador. From pharma to postcards, wood to lottery tickets, Marcador offers flexibility to produce high quality print anywhere and on any material!

Visit Marcador.US Web site

Raptor Wide Format


Wide Format Printing

The Raptor is a fast and scalable (108-783mm) wide format 600 dpi native printing system that is ideal for label, lottery and web applications!

Raptor – Wide Format Printing

New MailRunner

Introducing GTUS’ new MailRunner high-speed printing system! Our base can handle products ranging from 3×3 inches up to 19.5″ wide and 28″ in length. Add our 54 or 108mm eZ-Inkjet printer and image at 600×600 dpi and at a very high throughput. Prints 40,000 plus commercial 10 envelopes per hour!!

MailRunner – High Speed Addressing

Fast, Reliable and Scalable Digital Inkjet Solutions!

Graph-Tech USA

Graph-Tech Does It All

GTUS® is an industry leader in digital high-speed, single pass inkjet printers and tracking controller systems. We manufacture and support high speed digital inkjet solutions for direct mail, card printing, packaging, labels, lottery, pharmaceuticals, and many other custom applications. Whether it is paper, plastic, lottery tickets, cardboard, or textiles, or even wood or metal substrates, GTUS® has a digital print solution for you!
Please give us a call at 772-569-0066 x3 or send e-mail to sales@graphtech.us Imagine the Possibilities

GTUS Systems

GTUS® makes complete custom systems for cards, cheques, packaging, mail, lottery and many other applications. Roadrunner III Series for single pass encoding, print and affixing. MailRunner for high speed addressing and so much more.

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eZ Printer

GTUS® line of single pass printers includes our newest U.S. made eZ-Inkjet® 54 or 108mm HD Printer, our wide format Raptor Kyocera Printer and the economical Marcador Cartridge Based Inkjet.

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Upgrade Existing Systems

Innovative Add-Ons such as our TotalMag® Magnetic Encoding System and new accurate eZ-Tipping System.

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